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"A" Round

The "A" in the name comes from the use of Series A Preferred Stock, the securities issued in the round. A funding or financing round in which Series A preferred stock is issued and sold. Series A Preferred Stock is typically sold to outside investors.

"B" Round

A funding or financing round, following the "A" round, in which Series B preferred stock is issued and sold to existing and/or new investors.

1933 Act

This refers to the Securities Act of 1933, which regulates the offering and sale of securities by securities issuers and their representatives.

1934 Act

In common usage, a reference to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.  This term is used synonymously with the term Exchange Act.

a fortiori
By the powerful of that argument , [this must also follow]
a posteriori
knowledge from experience
a priori
expectations in advance
a quo
from which
ab initio
from the beginning
Accredited Investors

Accredited means at least meeting or possibly exceeding any of the financial standards that the Securities and Exchange Commission has established under its Regulation D in defining the term accredited as applied to investors in the context of this term and Regulation D under the Securities Act, which provides a safe-harbor exemption for private placements, including some offerings made in whole or in part to accredited investors.

Accredited Shareholder

Companies with at least $10 million in total assets and more than 500 unaccredited holders of capital stock or other securities are required to register the securities with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Section 12(g) of the Exchange Act, as amended by the JOBS Act.

Accrued Dividends

Accrued dividends are to dividend-bearing preferred stock what accrued interest is to a promissory note.  In both cases, the term accrued and unpaid is used to indicate the amount owing pending the payment date.

Actori incumbit probatio
On the plaintiff rests the proving
actus reus
guilty act
ad coelum
to the sky